The Merrimack Valley Prevention and Substance Abuse Project is committed to engaging public and private community members to work together promoting awareness, education, prevention and treatment of substance use in our communities.  Together we will make a difference.


&  SOCIAL SERVICES DIRECTORY                      (UPDATED 10/15)


Detox or Acute treatment services (ATS) programs are medically monitored detoxification (detox) services. Programs provide 24-hour nursing care, under the consultation of a medical director, to monitor an individual's withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs and alleviate symptoms. ATS programs are community-based inpatient programs that provide clients with 24 hour evaluation and treatment. All clients collaborate with a case manager in the development of a service plan for aftercare services including outpatient counseling, transitional support services, residential rehabilitation, or opioid treatment as clinically appropriate. Average length of stay is 3 to 5 days.
Adcare Hospital Worcester 800-252-6465
Andrew House * North Quincy 617-479-9320
Arbour Hospital Jamaica Plain 617-522-4400
Baldpate Hospital Georgetown 978-352-2131
Bournewood Hospital Brookline 617-469-0300
Caritas NORCAP Program Foxboro 800-331-2900
Carlson Recovery Center * Springfield 413-733-1423
Community Healthlink * Worcester 508-860-1200
Dimock * Roxbury 617-442-9661
Emerson Hospital Addiction Services Concord 978-287-3510
Faulkner Hospital Addiction Jamaica Plain 617-983-7711
Gosnold Falmouth 800-444-1554
High Point Treatment Center Brockton 800-734-3444
High Point Treatment Center Plymouth 800-233-4478
Lahey Health Behavioral Services * Tewksbury 978-259-7000
Lahey Health Behavioral Services * Danvers 800-323-2224
Lahey Health Behavioral Services * Boston 800-763-5363
McLean’s Proctor House Belmont 800-333-0338
Norcap Foxboro 800-331-2900 x2
Providence BH Hospital Holyoke 800-274-7724
Serenity at Summit *Insurance Only 855-855-9199
Spectrum * Westborough 800-366-7732
SSTAR Inpatient Fall River 800-937-3610
St. E’s Addiction Program Brighton 617-789-2574
Veteran's Ctr Addiction Program Bedford 781-687-2275
Veteran's Ctr Addiction Treatment Brockton 508-583-4500

Programs with an asterick (*) after their name are funded by the Department of Public Health and accept all state health insurance plans and also have a number of limited beds available for those who do not have insurance.


Provides clinical stabilization services for clients leaving detox or stabilization services for clients needing acute treatment but not meeting criteria for medically-necessary detox (ATS) services.    
Gosnold Post Detox Falmouth 800-444-1554  
High Point Treatment Center Serenity Inn Brockton 800-734-3444  
High Point Treatment Center Stabilization Plymouth 800-233-4478  
Passages –Community Healthlink Worcester 508-860-1142  
Post Detox Step Down -Lahey Danvers 800-323-2224  
Spectrum Post Detox Weymouth 781-331-3709  
SSTAR Step Down Services New Bedford 508-324-7763  
The Hope Center -BHN Springfield 413-301-9500  



Transitional Support Services (TSS) are short-term residential programs for individuals who need further stabilization after detoxification. Admission is limited to clients discharged from ATS and homeless clients. Average length of stay is 14-21 days. TSS programs provide 24-our structured, supportive residential housing and services using case management and psycho-education to assist clients in implementing an Individual Service Plan. Case Managers provide linkages and interagency collaboration to next step programs and assist clients in obtaining the credentials necessary to apply for social service benefits, i.e. copy of birth certificate, identification, etc

Phoenix Arbor House Holyoke 413-538-8188
High Point Treatment Center New Bedford 508-984-1697
Lynn Transitional Lynn 781-593-9434
New Hope – Women Only Weymouth 617-878-2550
Spectrum Residential Program Westborough 800-366-7732

Transitions Transitional

Lahey- Transition –Men Only





Women's Hope –Women Only Dorchester 617-288-3906



Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs / Recovery Homes provide a structured, alcohol & drug free environment for individuals recovering from addiction. These programs emphasize recovery and treatment within a structured, therapeutic setting. Residents are encouraged to integrate with the community and to access community resources, including self-help groups and employment. Social Model programs emphasize a sober living environment, peer counseling and case management. The emphasis of these programs is to assist residents to provide each other with a culture of recovery, support, sharing and positive role modeling.

Men’s Recovery Homes

Hello House Boston 617-262-7142 www.voamass.org  
Granada House Allston 617-254-2923 www.granadahouse.org  
Casa Esperanza Roxbury 617-445-7411 www.casaesperanza.org  
Gavin House South Boston 617-268-5517 www.gavinfoundation.org  
New Victories Dorchester 617-825-6088 www.vpi.org  
Victory House Boston 617-262-5032 www.vpi.org  
Interim House   617-265-2636  
Dimock / John Flowers Roxbury 617-442-8800 www.dimock.org  
Hamilton House   Dorchester 617-288-1584  
Answer House South Boston 617-268-7124 www.mhsainc.org  
Sullivan House Jamaica Plain 617-524-4416 www.mhsainc.org  
The Alternative House East Boston   617-569-8222  
Rehabilitation & Health East Boston 617-569-2089  
Charlestown Recover House Charlestown 617-242-0088 www.baycove.org  
Hope House Boston 617-971-9360 www.hopehouseboston.org  
Crozier House Worcester 508-860-2209  
Pathway House Gardner 978-632-4574  
Hector Reyes House Worcester 508-459-1805  
Channing House Worcester 508-755-8088  
Jeremiah's Inn Worcester 508-755-6403 www.jeremiahsinn.com  
Hope House Leicester 508-892-1010  
CASPAR House I Somerville 617-623-5277  www.casparinc.org  
CASPAR House II Somerville 617-776-6036 www.casparinc.org  
Hurley House Waltham 781-891-4323 www.thehurleyhouse.com  
The Bridge House Framingham 508-872-6194 www.bridgehouseneaar.org  
South Shore Recovery Home Quincy 617-773-7023  
McLean Residence at Brook Waltham 888-515-9699  
Link House / John Ashford Newburyport 978-462-7341 www.linkhouseinc.org  
Lowell Recovery House Lowell 978-459-3371 www.lowellhouseinc.com  
Ryan House Lynn 781-593-9434  
Eastern Middlesex Malden 781-321-2600  
Miller House Falmouth 508-540-5052 www.gosnold.org  
North Cottage Program Norton 508-285-2701 northcottageprogram.com  
Harmony House New Bedford 508-992-8948  
Anchor House Plymouth 508-746-6654  
Steppingstone Men's House Fall River 508-674-2788 www.steppingstoneinc.org  




Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs / Recovery Homes provide a structured, alcohol & drug free environment for individuals recovering from addiction. These programs emphasize recovery and treatment within a structured, therapeutic setting. Residents are encouraged to integrate with the community and to access community resources, including self-help groups and employment. Social Model programs emphasize a sober living environment, peer counseling and case management. The emphasis of these programs is to assist residents to provide each other with a culture of recovery, support, sharing and positive role modeling.

Women’s Recovery Homes

Latinas Y Ninos Center Roxbury 617-445-1104 www.casaesperanza.org
Shepherd House Dorchester 617-288-3906 www.vpi.org
Hello House W Program Quincy 617-471-6616 www.voamass.org
Granada House Allston 617-254-2923 granadahouse.org
Faith House ** Worcester 508-438-5625 www.communityhealthlink.org
McLean at Naukeag Ashburnham 800-230-8764
McLean Center at Fernside Princeton 800-906-9531
Linda Fay Griffin House Worcester 508-755-8990
Rhodes Street House Millbury 508-581-7821 www.smoc.org
GROW Program Cambridge 617-661-6020 www.casparinc.org
Serenity House ** Hopkinton 508-435-9040 www.smoc.org
McLean Residence at Brook Waltham 888-515-9699
Womanplace Cambridge 617-661-6020 www.casparinc.org
Women's View ** Lawrence 978-687-1658 www.tpc1.org
Project Cope ** Lynn 781-581-9273 www.projectcope.com
Ryan House Lynn 781-593-9434
Pegasus House Lawrence 978-687-4257
Lowell Recovery House Lowell 978-459-3371 www.lowellhouseinc.com
Sheehan Women's Program Tewksbury 978-640-0840 www.lowellhouse.org
Emerson House ** Falmouth 800-444-1554 www.gosnold.org
Edwina Martin House ** Brockton 508-583-0493 www.edwinamartinhouse.org
Monarch House New Bedford 508-992-0800
Gandara Residential ** Holyoke 413-540-9881 www.gandaracenter.org
My Sister's House ** Springfield 413-733-7891 www.bhninc.org
Keenan House Recovery Home Pittsfield 413-499-2756 www.briencenter.org
Beacon House Greenfield 413-773-4610 www.servicenet.org
Phoenix House (co-ed 2 houses) Springfield 413-733-2178 www.phoenixhouse.org
New Day ** Somerville 617-628-8188 www.casparinc.org
** Community-based women's residential substance abuse treatment programs for pregnant and post-partum women offer linkage to prenatal and pediatric care, obstetrical services, early intervention programs, aftercare treatment and planning, and other services. Women in all trimesters of pregnancy can enter these programs.



Therapeutic Communities provide a highly structured environment that emphasizes resident treatment and recovery within the parameters of the program structure. The residents take an active role in this mode of treatment helping them to take responsibility and become positive role models.

Meridian House (co-ed) East Boston 617-569-6050  
Steppingstone (women) ** Fall River 508-674-2788 www.casparinc.org  
Steppingstone (women) ** New Bedford 508-984-1889 www.casparinc.org  
Dimock Askia (men) Roxbury 617-427-1350  
My Sister's House (women) Roxbury 617-442-8800  
Spectrum Residential (co-ed) Westboro 800-366-7732 www.spectrumhealthsystem  
Project Turnabout (Men) Weymouth 781-331-9697






Specialized Residential Services for Families (also known as Family Substance Abuse Shelters) provide a safe and supportive treatment environment for homeless families when the caretaking parent(s) has a chronic substance abuse problem. Programs provide shelter, coordination and case management of substance abuse treatment and other services for homeless families in order to support and sustain sobriety 

Entre Familia Program Mattapan 866-705-2807 www.bphc.org  
Joelyn's Family Home Boston 617-456-1201
Orchard Street Leominster 978-537-3109 www.healthrecovery.org  
Genesis II Family Center Newton 866-705-2807 www.ccab.org  
Sage House Framingham 866-705-2807 www.smoc.org  
H.A.R.T. House Tewksbury                        866-705-2807  
Angel House Hyannis 866-705-2807 www.haconcapecod.org  
Grace House Northampton 866-705-2807 www.chd.org  


Narcan is a narcotic antagonist. It works by blocking opiate receptor sites, which reverses or prevents toxic effects (overdose) of narcotic (opioid) analgesics. For the most up-to-date list on where to get naloxone or for a treatment referral call: the MA Substance Abuse Information and Education Helpline at 800-327-5050



Boston Public Health Commission, AHOPE

774 Albany Street, 617-534-3967

Mobile Unit—call for locations and schedule



AIDS Action Committee

359 Green Street,







Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

100 Water Street,

978-685-7663 X 8504


Health Innovations, Inc

Healthy Streets Outreach Program



Lowell Community Health Center

585-579 Merrimack Street,


Lowell House, Inc.,

555 Merrimack Street,

978-459-8656 Ext. 23



Manet Community Health Center

1193 Sea St,



AIDS Project Worcester

85 Green Street,

508-755-3773 X 29








Training and naloxone for staff of Bureau of Substance Abuse Services funded treatment programs statewide (800) 530-2770 x261








Learn to Cope Naloxone is available at support groups for parents and family members dealing with a loved one suffering from addiction. Please go to www.learn2cope.org for meeting locations and times






Opioid Treatment provides medically monitored treatment services for clients who are addicted to opiate drugs such as heroin or pain medications. Services combine medical and pharmacological interventions (such as methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone) with professional outpatient counseling, education, and vocational services. Services are offered on both a short- and long-term basis. For current up to date listings of providers either call the patient services number on the back of your insurance card or call DPH Hotline 800-327-5050. To locate Suboxone prescribers you can call Boston Medical Center’s Statewide Referral line at 617-414-6926. There are more providers than listed below.


Addiction Treatment Ctr of New England Brighton 617-254-1271  
Bay Cove Human Services Boston 617-371-3030  
Veteran's Outpatient Narcotic Treatment Boston 617-248-1013  
Community Substance Abuse Centers Chelsea 617-889-8779  
Woburn 781-933-0700
Boston Medical Center Addiction Services Boston 617-534-4212  
BMC Suboxone Statewide Referrals - Boston 617-414-6926  
Greater Lawrence Family Health Center Lawrence 978-686-0090  
Habit OPCO Roxbury 617-442-1499  
Fitchburg 978-343-6300
Lowell 978-452-5155
Lawrence 978-687-6300
Lynn 781-595-2413
South Yarmouth 508-398-5155
Fall River 508-676-1307
Brockton 508-586-6300
Springfield 413-733-3488
East Wareham 508-295-7990

Merrimack Valley Hospital

Spectrum Outpatient Services





Haverhill** if appropriate-same day admission available 800-464-9555 x1161
Worcester 508-797-6100
Milford 508-634-1877
Southbridge 508-765-5940
Framingham 508-875-5801
North Charles Institute for Addictions Somerville 617-661-5700  

Lahey Health Behavioral Services



NFI **Vivitrol only








Youth services promote wellbeing by building on strengths and by preventing substance abuse, HIV infection, and related risk-taking behaviors. Services target youth age twelve to nineteen that are at increased risk for alcohol and/or other drug related abuse. Some services may be provided in schools, courts, community agencies, and housing projects and/or on the street, and may offer education/skill building, alternatives to substance use, youth development, problem identification, and referrals. Service types include: Outpatient Counseling, Youth Residential and Criminal Justice Collaboratives.


Youth Residential Programs  
Cushing House for Boys (ages 16-20) South Boston  
Cushing House for Girls (ages 16-20) South Boston  
Pegasus House for young women (ages 18-25) Lawrence  
Highland Grace House for Girls (13-17) Worcester  
Phoenix Academy (Boys) Springfield  
Northeast Behavioral Health (Boys) Danvers  
Project Rebound (Boys) Boston  


Youth Intervention Programs

Bridge Over Troubled Waters Boston 617-423-9575  
ROCA Youth Development Center Chelsea 617-889-5210  
Eastern District - Juvenile Diversion Program Salem 978-745-6610


Detox / Acute Treatment for Youth (13 -18 yo)

Motivating Youth Recovery - MYR Worcester 508-860-1244 www.communityhealthlink.org  

The CASTLE - Clean And Sober Teens Living Empowered

Brockton 508-638-6000 www.hptc.org  
Adolescent Structured Outpatient Addiction Program (SOAP)
NFI                                                                     Haverhill                          Haverhill                             978-373-1181  

Massachusetts Recovery High Schools

Recovery High Schools provide young people in recovery from alcohol and drug use with a supportive environment to help them maintain their recovery and complete their education. The schools utilize a maximum student to teacher ratio of 7-1 as well as an extended class day and school year.  

MA Adolescent Substance Abuse Information and Education Line 800-327-5050



Peer-based support where individuals and/or families with similar experience are involved in

mutually supporting one another's recovery from addiction.

A Circle of Hope 978-557-9235 For info email [email protected]  
Al-Anon and Alateen Family Groups 508-366-0556 www.ma-al-anon-alateen.org  
Alcoholics Anonymous - Cape Cod 508-775-7060 www.aacapecod.org  
Alcoholics Anonymous - Central MA 508-752-9000 www.aaworcester.org  
Alcoholics Anonymous - Eastern MA 617-426-9444 www.aaboston.org  
Alcoholics Anonymous - Nantucket 508-627-7084 www.aaboston.org  
Alcoholics Anonymous - Western MA 413-532-2111 www.westernmassaa.org  
Bettor's Anonymous 978-988-1777 www.bettorsanonymous.org  
Cocaine Anonymous of MA 617-539-6090 www.caofma.org  
Crystal Meth Anonymous 617-450-1310 www.crystalmeth.org  
Double Trouble in Recovery 718-373-2684 www.doubletroubleinrecovery.org  
Dual Recovery Anonymous 913-991-2703 www.draonline.org  
Families Anonymous 800-736-9805 www.FamiliesAnonymous.org  
Gamblers Anonymous - Eastern MA 617-338-6020 www.newenglandga.com  
Gamblers Anonymous - Western MA 888-519-5059 www.newenglandga.com  
Learn to Cope- for family /friends 508-738-5148 www.learn2cope.org  
Marijuana Anonymous World Services 800-766-6779 www.marijuana-anonymous.org  
Narcotics Anonymous 866-624-3578 www.newenglandna.org  
Narcotics Anonymous - Nantucket 508-228-5739 www.newenglandna.org  
Nicotine Anonymous World Services 415-750-0238 www.nicotine-anonymous.org  
Overeaters Anonymous 781-641-2303 www.overeatersanonymous.org  
Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous 617-625-7961 www.slaanei.org  
SMART Recovery 781-891-7574 www.smartrecovery.org  
Strength in Numbers 413-344-3226 Call  
Women for Sobriety 508-842-9158 www.womenforsobriety.org  


These 10 recovery support centers are based principally on volunteer work from peers who

 support one another and who are involved in a participatory process to help build community and help design, plan, facilitate and evaluate activities offered at the centers


Devine Recovery Center 70 Devine Way, South Boston, MA 857-496-1384  
Everyday Miracles 25 Pleasant Street, Worcester, MA 508-799-6221  
The Recovery Connection 31 Main Street, Marlborough, MA 508-485-0298  
STEPRox 9 Palmer Street, Roxbury, MA 617-442-7837  
New Beginnings 487 Essex St Lawrence, MA 978-655-3674  
Stairway to Recovery 142 Crescent Street, Brockton, MA 508-463-6123  


Hyannis Recovery Support

A New Way

Hope for Holyoke

68 Federal Street, Greenfield, MA

209 Main Street, Hyannis, MA

85 Quincy Street, Quincy, MA

100 Suffolk Street, Holyoke, MA









Merrimack Valley / Holy Family 140 Lincoln Ave, Haverhill, MA  978-374-2000  

Anna Jaques Hospital

Holy Family Hospital

25 Highland Ave, Newburyport, MA

70 East Street, Methuen, MA



Lawrence General Hospital 1 General Street, Lawrence, MA      978-683-4000  

These facilities provide comprehensive walk-in medical treatment for urgent care needing immediate attention. They also perform school, sport ad work-related physicals and testing. They are able to provide a variety of services on-site including  x-rays, laboratory testing,  rapid strep and flu testing , EKG’s, IV fluids and medication in addition to other diagnostic testing as needed. Please refer to the websites for each facility below to see what services are available.* Most* insurances are accepted.


MedExpress & Urgent  Care

PMA Express Care

Merrimack Medical & Walk In

296 Main Street, Haverhill, MA     978-372-1382   www.medexpress.com

One Park Way, Haverhill, MA          800-221-3762   www.pmaonline.com

25 Marston Street, Lawrence, MA    978-688-3100   www.mmwic.com


Berkshire Housing Development


Community Teamwork, Inc 978-459-0551
Franklin County Regional Housing & Redevelopment 413-863-9781
HAP, Inc. 413-233-1500
HOAP 508-860-1000
HomeStart, Inc. 617-542-0338 x43
Housing Assistance Corp. 508-771-5400
MA Association of Sober Housing 781-838-0463
Mass. Sober Housing 508-987-3888
MA Dept. of Housing & Community Development 617-727-8380
Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership 617-859-0400
Rural Housing Improvement 978-297-5300
South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) 508-879-6691
South Shore Housing Development 781-542-4200
The Community Housing Program 617-661-3991 x109


One-Stop Career Centers are government funded job centers that help workers find jobs and help employers find workers. One-Stop Career Centers serve all regions of Massachusetts. One-Stop Career Centers are government funded job centers that help workers find jobs and help employers find workers. One-Stop Career Centers serve all regions of Massachusetts. One-Stop Career Centers have job listings, career counseling services, job search workshops, workforce readiness training, information about job training grants and loans, and other employment-related services for job seekers. The Centers offer job posting, candidate screening, job fairs, tax information, and other services for employers.
You may also call the Department of Career Services at 617-626-5300,
or the American Job Center Helpline at 1-877-872-5627 (TTY 1-877-889-5627) for information.



The Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation was established 30 years ago to ensure that low-income people with critical, non-criminal legal problems would have access to legal information, advice and representation. It is the largest funding source for civil legal aid programs in the Commonwealth. The programs below are funded by MLAC and offer legal advice and representation to low-income Massachusetts residents with civil legal problems involving issues such as domestic violence, housing, income maintenance, health care, elder issues, and more.


Boston College Legal Assistance Bureau (BCLAB) Waltham 781-893-4793
Center for Law and Education Boston 617-451-0855
Center for Public Representation Northampton 413-587-6265
Children's Law Center of Massachusetts Lynn 781-581-1977
Community Legal Aid Worcester 508-752-3722
Community Legal Services and Counseling Center Cambridge 617-661-1010
Disability Law Center Boston 617-723-8455
Greater Boston Legal Services Boston 617-371-1234
Massachusetts Advocates for Children Boston 617-357-8431
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute Boston 617-357-0700 ext 321
MetroWest Legal Services Framingham 508-620-1830
Merrimack Valley - North Shore Legal Services Lowell 978-458-1465
National Consumer Law Center Boston 617-542-8010
Neighborhood Legal Services Lynn 781-599-7730
Prisoners' Legal Services Boston 617-482-2773
South Coastal Counties Legal Fall River 508-676-5022
Hotline & Helpline Information

EPOCA = Ex Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) 800-772-1213
Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project 800-832-1901
The Network/ La Red 617-695-0877
SAMHSA- Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration 877-726-4727
MA Substance Abuse Information & Education Helpline 800-327-5050
Providing Access to Addictions Treatment, Hope and Support 855-494-4057
Child-at-Risk Hotline 800-792-5200
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute 617-357-0700
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination 617-727-3990
Massachusetts Commission for the Blind 617-727-5550
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission 800-245-6543
SafeLink Domestic Violence Hotline 877-785-2020
Elder Abuse Hotline & Website 800-922-2275
Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs 800-243-4636
Food Source Hotline / Project Bread 800-645-8333
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Helpline 888-340-4528
Hepatitis C Hotline 888-443-4372
AIDS Action Hotline 800-235-2331
Health Care for All 800-272-4232
MassHealth Enrollment Center 888-665-9993
Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership 800-495-0086
Social Security Administration 800-772-1213
Commonwealth Connector 877-623-6765
Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention 800-222-1222
Jane Doe - Sexual Assault 617-248-0922
Try-To-Stop Tobacco Resource 800-879-8678
Samaritans 877-870-4673
Mayor's Youthline – Teens 617-635-2240
Teens In Action 617-482-4243
Massachusetts Department of Veterans Affairs 800-827-1000
Llamanos Statewide Spanish Helpline 800-223-5001
Disabled Person's Abuse Hotline - 800-426-9009
Parental Stress Line 800-632-8188
Samariteens 800-252-8336
Youth Hotline "Hurt" 617-773-4878
Massachusetts Commission Deaf and Hard of Hearing 617-740-1600
Women, Infants and Children 800-942-1007
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 301-443-3860
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255